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Ladies Weight Training Guide

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Let's face it, weight training is just as important for women as it is for men. Resistance training carries a range of benefits, it will help you get stronger, tone up your body, increase your functionality, compliment fat loss, reduce stress, and many more!

Why do I believe you will find this guide extremely helpful?

Over the past years, I’ve run dozens of ladies weight training workshops where I would teach women how to use weights safely and effectively.

I’ve also worked with many 1-2-1 clients giving me the opportunity to help different types of people which taught me a lot.

The information in this guide is based on my real-life observations and experience, courses that I’ve done, and the books that I’ve read.


I’m convinced you will find this information valuable if you put it into practice. I’ve also covered other topics that are directly related to training for example motivation, nutrition, sleep, training partners, and more.

Weight training is your best friend and it might be the only ingredient you’re missing in your success recipe.

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