BTF First There Was a Pull Up – Guide To Achieving Your First Pull Up and Beyond - eBook/PDF

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💠 Easy to understand guide that will teach you exactly how to get your first pull up. It doesn’t matter how strong you are right now, there is a place to start for everybody.


💠 Some people have tried and failed, it may seem impossible when you grab the bar and your body just won’t go up. I will show you the right progressions that you can start with and build up on.


💠 Don’t worry about how long it’s going to take, there are so many factors that will impact the speed at which you progress at like genetics, lifestyle choices, age, stress, nutrition, consistency, sleep etc


💠 Although having the right type of training for what you’re trying to accomplish will save you an enormous amount of time and frustration. After you achieve your first pull up you will be curious as to what else you can accomplish.


Pull ups and their benefits!

  • Amazing back muscle development

  • Functional strength

  • Your posture is likely to improve

  • Increased muscle tone

  • Sense of accomplishment

  • There are multitude of variations you can do after you learn to do a regular pull up

  • Develop excellent grip strength

  • You can always make them harder or easier

  • They’re impressive since not everyone can do them

  • You can do them pretty much anywhere

  • They can be incorporated in circuit training workouts

  • They open up doors to learning more difficult moves like muscle ups


Content breakdown:

Chapter 1 - Exercises Used

Chapter 2 - Strength Principles

Chapter 3 - Important Things To Keep In Mind

Chapter 4 - Putting It All Together


Now you have two choices:

#1 You can try and figure it out by yourself
#2 You can invest in a professionally put together pull up guide that is thoughtfully designed to get you to most results in minimum time.


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