20 Effective Fat Burning Routines - Edition 1

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You will get stronger, see positive changes in your physique, reduce your stress levels, lose body fat and by the end of it all feel more confident with your new look! 

Edition 1 Contains 

 💠 Circuit Workouts x 9  

💠 6 on 6 Workouts x 7  

💠 HIIT Workouts x 4  

There are more effective, interesting and time efficient ways to lose body fat than running on a treadmill for 2 hours a day.  

You're going to complete these routines to the best of your ability therefore its always going to challenge you no matter how good or bad your fitness level is.

If you're just starting out you can workout at your own pace and as you get better you will be able to decrease the rest times and perform the exercises more efficiently.


30 Days Money Back Guarantee


You either get results or you get your money back


Send dated before & after pictures to bartechniquefitness@gmail.com & if you haven’t made any progress we will refund your money.


Frequently Asked Questions:

💠 Will I need any equipment?

You will not need any equipment to complete these routines. All the exercises are performed with your own body weight. If you do have access to weights you can add them to some of the exercises for example weighted lunges or squats.

💠 How much time should I devote to these routines?

These routines are intense, I wouldn't recommend doing any more than 1 hour and 30 minutes a week. Best thing to do is break it down into 30 minute sessions 3 times a week. This training is very time effective you will not need to spend any more time than that.

💠 Will adding resistance training help me get results faster?

Combining HIIT/Circuit training with strength training is one of the best if not the best ways to lose fat and increase muscular tone at the same time. Adding strength training to the equation will allow you to actually eat a lot more food than you think and still allow you to see superior results as long as you're in a calorie deficit.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that muscle gives your body shape, if you only lose weight you will end up looking "skinny fat" and I guarantee you it won't be the result you want.


💠 I'm new to the gym and I've never exercised in my life will I be able to complete these routines?

I wouldn't recommend doing these routines as a complete beginner simply because your form on some of the exercises will most likely be very poor which can lead to injury and that's certainly not what you want.

First I would start by learning the fundamental compound exercises like the squat, deadlift, bench press, military press, lat pull down, loaded carries etc.

After you get the fundamentals down I believe that you will understand the human movement enough to be able to complete my routines in a safe and effective manner.


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