Calisthenics Online Personal Training With Bar Techniques Fitness

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Calisthenics Online Personal Training with Bar Techniques Fitness



Looking good & being strong is not the only benefit you will gain from working with me, once you start exercising you will see improvements in all areas of your life!


What you will get...😊


✔️ Customised 4 week training plan tailored to your goals & needs every month

Having the right plan of action is necessary if you want to get the most out of your training and save tons of time trying to figure it out by yourself. I will evaluate your progress every month & change the training plan according to your needs.

Everyone is different so your training plans will be tailored to your ability & goal.


✔️ Weekly video/phone check ins

I believe that getting to know you & being able to speak face to face is essential for your success.

Having a video conversation adds enormous value to the service that I provide.

This allows me to give you advice, show you the correct technique, make suggestions, motivate you, have a laugh while educating you & more.

If you're feeling a bit uncomfortable about video calls that's okay!

Although I will not accept anything less then phone calls since only communicating through text won't allow me to coach you properly.

Weekly check ins are not essential, if you prefer to have once a fortnight that's okay too!


✔️ Nutritional consultation

You will be asked to keep a 24-72 hour diary of the foods you're having to give me a better idea of your eating habits.

This allows me to make some recommendations & we work together towards changing the bad eating habits for healthier ones forever.

We will also cover how you can use MyFitnessPal to help you achieve your weight goals.


✔️ Accountability & motivation

Having somebody there to make sure you're sticking to your plan is key. No more starting over again & again, this time we will make sure you attend to the gym & reach your goals.

Taking regular progress pictures will allow us to track your journey & make suggestions as you go along to make sure you're getting the most out of your programme.



I'm very confident that you will start seeing results & change in how you feel in the first 2 weeks therefore I will refund your money if you're not happy with my service in the first 14 days. 

After you make a purchase I will get in touch via email within 24 hours



About me: 

My name is Bartek Podkowa and I've been into Calisthenics for the past 4 years. Over the years I've managed to hit my personal goals like front lever & one handed pull up meanwhile helping others to hit their goals.

I have experience of working with all types of people through running my workshops, doing 1-1 sessions, programming training for others & training people online.

I'm very confident that I can take your training to the next level whether you want to reach your first pull up or muscle up I can get you there. If you don't start seeing improvements in your strength in the first 14 days I will refund your money.




Where can you find me?
Instagram: @bar_techniques_fitness
Facebook: @bartechniquesfitness
YouTube: Bar Techniques