This Mistake Might Be Stopping Your Weight Fat Loss Progress

This Mistake Might Be Stopping Your Weight Fat Loss Progress

When you trying to lose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit meaning you have to eat less calories than your body needs to maintain its current weight. There are services out there that help you estimate you intake for example MyFitnessPal.

Your body needs nutrients which provide the necessary fuel for many bodily processes therefore its important that you focus on eating quality calories in your diet. What does that mean? It mean that if your calorie intake for weight loss is 1500 you want to ensure most of that 1500 calories come from good sources for example balanced meals that contain plenty of protein, carbohydrates & good fats.

The mistake I'm talking about in this videos is drinking your calories, when you want to lose weight you have to focus on areas of your diet where you might be making little mistakes & eliminate them.

All the little mistakes add up which might make cause you not to lose any weight after all. Drinks can have a surprisingly high calorie content for example can of coke has around 150 calories, mostly sugar. Try evaluating your day & you might notice that this is what was holding your weight loss back!



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