Achieve With Bar Techniques Fitness

Have a good think about what you want to achieve because your training should be structured in a way where it brings you closer to your goal every time your train.

- Bartlomiej Podkowa


I am probably one of the privileged who can say I often get to see and do regular workout with Bartek. I accidentally met him about 9 months ago on a push up session. His level of knowledge and the details that he passes on its absolutely fantastic. He is the type of trainer who corrects you if you have wrong posture, but not just corrects you, he tells you why and what you need to do to get the desired result. He points out for potential injuries if you make mistakes or have bad posture. All in all I highly recommend Bartek as an instructor, trainer, personal trainer, calisthenics trainer. I have done most of his sessions and I can say confident enough that he has great knowledge of all the above. You won't regret if you start working with him.

Agnes Becsei

Would highly recommend Bartek. Bartek has been my PT for a couple of months now. I really enjoy the sessions. He pushes me out of my comfort zone. Session 1 I could not do a push up, by session 6, I could do 5!Bartek has a huge amount of knowledge and tailors to individual needs. He ensure that every exercise and every movement is done correctly for the best results and avoid injury.He also has developed some new exercises that are fun but effective.If you are looking for a PT, don’t hesitate to contact Bartek!

Diane Symmonds

The best PT trainer on this planet

Paresh Vaghela

Having attended Bartek’s classes, workshops & PT Sessions, I throughly recommend him. Bartek is very knowledgable & passionate about the skills he can teach you. For me personally speaking I’ve finally found a trainer who wants you to ‘get it right’, progress & succeed. He also makes it fun! Thanks for this, I can’t wait for my next session Bartek has been very helpful through the Covid-19 situation, helping me work through an injury & although I still can’t do all the activities on his online classes, I do love the variety & buzz he provides. Particularly like ‘lots of squats’ & ‘full body stretch’ 

Lorraine MW

Great skill and knowledge, this guy tailors activities that take into account your skills, aims ability and long term goals. I felt very comfortable with all the sessions I have had so far and will certainly be returning for more.

Rachael Yeoman